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SGI O2 MIPS R5000 bootp problems

Subject: SGI O2 MIPS R5000 bootp problems
From: Alexander Markley <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 11:55:55 -0400
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Hi. I just get an SGI O2 with a MIPS R5000 chip in it, and I'd love to run linux on it. The machine seems to be in working order, and has been known to boot into IRIX in the recent past.

I have gotten the debian tftp boot images and things, and have properly set up dhcp and tftp, but I cannot make this machine boot!

> boot f bootp():r5000_boot.img
Setting $netaddr to (from server )
Obtaining r5000_boot.img from server
Cannot load bootp():r5000_boot.img.
Range check failure: text start 0x88802000, size 0x1d70.
Text section would overwrite an already loaded program.Unable to execute bootp():r5000_boot.img: not enough space
Unable to load bootp():r5000_boot.img: not enough space

I'm not sure why this doesn't work for me when it works for everyone else... Is it because my machine only has 64 MB of ram?

Another strange bit is that this kernel does load and boot fine:

Of course, it can't finish booting since I didn't provide a root FS, but I wonder why the PROM doesn't want to jump to the debian image?

I'll keep trying different things, and keep you guys posted. In the meantime, and input would be much appriciated. Also, I haven't joined the list, so CCing me would also be appriciated.


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