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Re: IRQ problem on cobalt / 2.6.6

To: Kieran Fulke <>
Subject: Re: IRQ problem on cobalt / 2.6.6
From: Stuart Longland <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 01:07:32 +1000
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Kieran Fulke wrote:
hi folks, getting the below when loading the dvb budget_ci module. it disables IRQ #23 which is attached to the card, rendering it useless. i asked the same question over there and none of them suspect it to be a DVB problem. some esoteric pci bug perhaps?

If it's any help... I've had similar issues trying to use an Adaptec AHA-2940AU PCI SCSI card in a Gateway Microserver running Linux 2.6.[56] (not sure which one exactly...). I'm now running Linux 2.4.26 quite happily (the box is being used as a fileserver for LANs), but I can put 2.6.6 back on if the debugging info would be of any use.

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