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EJTAG and RTL8181

Subject: EJTAG and RTL8181
From: Jason Hecker <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 11:36:16 +1000
Organization: Melbourne Wireless
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I am trying to get JTAG working with Realtek's RTL8181 part.  It uses a Lexra 
LX5280 core which is mostly MIPS R3000 compatible (bar the unaligned load and 
save instructions).

A chronicle of my efforts can be seen here:

Realtek can't offer me a BSDL file as they claim they use some 3rd party tool 
to talk to it with JTAG.  My lack of luck with Macraigor's Wiggler and a demo 
of their OCD debugger (in Windows) in EJTAG mode just yielded a screenful of 

Has anyone had much experience with Wigglers and MIPS based parts that don't 
support EJTAG?  Any ideas on trying to reverse engineer the boundary scan 

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