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Porting of Linux on to a MIPS16 Processor. Help required

Subject: Porting of Linux on to a MIPS16 Processor. Help required
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 14:24:50 +0530
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I am new to linux.  I am  in need of porting linux to a MIPS16 based
processor.   I need some information regarding the porting. It will be a
great help if somebody could answer me.

1) Is there any port available already for this? If available how do i get
it along with the development environment.

2) If the port  is not available  then how much complex (How much effort ?)
is it to port it to MIPS 16.

3) Where can  I get the tool chain on windows and linux kernel source code
which can be used .

4)curently the board uses EJTAG for download and execute. We have a
uart(serial port) on the board which we use as console connected to the
hyperterminal on a windows pc.. There is no shell supported. We can compile
and run  applications on the target.

5) We have the existing BSP  and  custom drivers ported over a OS
abstraction layer. Once the kernel is ported we have to get the custom
drivers ported.

6) I would like to know how much would be  the code size for the kernel
alone with out any shell and with  the console driver. (Source code and

Thanks in advance.

Warm Regards

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