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new platform

Subject: new platform
From: Emmanuel Michon <>
Date: 10 May 2004 16:24:51 +0200
Organization: REALmagic France SAS
Original-recipient: rfc822;

I plan to port linux-mips to a a 32bit 4KEc based (little endian)
hardware design.

I have three questions:

Q1- The nice book `see mips run' states that it's better that the
physical address map fits entirely in kseg1 (in 0x0-0x2000_0000).

I would not be the first to plan for a lot of RAM and I understand
HIGHMEM patch is ok if an extra RAM area is out of reach of kseg1.

But what if my PCI devices I/O do not lie in kseg1? I may program the
TLB to see them thru kseg2 (but kseg2 seems to be the place where page
tables are stored...)

Q2- Most hardware platforms have their SDRAM chips mapped at
physical address 0x0. Mine does not. Am I going ahead of problems?
It seems to be assumed at a lot of places (I have already ported YAMON).

Q3- I'd rather stick to a 2.4.x linux port. But... should I use:

a- the latest official 2.4.x kernel
b- the latest 2.4.x-preY kernel
c- the latest 2.4.x kernel
d- cvs -z3 -d co -r linux_2_4

Thanks for any useful advise.

Sincerely yours,

key A1A84D4C

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