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Re: semaphore woes in 2.6, 32bit

Subject: Re: semaphore woes in 2.6, 32bit
From: Atsushi Nemoto <>
Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 22:56:37 +0900 (JST)
In-reply-to: <>
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>>>>> On Sun, 9 May 2004 14:57:50 +0200, Ralf Baechle <> 
>>>>> said:

ralf> We got tripped by a change in 2.6.6-rc2.  Before that change the
ralf> kmalloc slab caches were being created with SLAB_HWCACHE_ALIGN
ralf> which results in L1_CACHE_SHIFT alignment for allocations of
ralf> L1_CACHE_SHIFT for slab caches that are at least that size.  For
ralf> the sake of S390 this behaviour was changed; new it defaults to
ralf> BYTES_PER_WORD alignment which is four bytes.

ralf> Fixed by defining ARCH_KMALLOC_MINALIGN as 8.

Hmm, many drivers use kmalloc and pci_map_single for DMA buffer.  So
ARCH_KMALLOC_MINALIGN should be L1_CACHE_BYTES for non-coherent

Atsushi Nemoto

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