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Re: Linux Mips SGI O2 R5000 IP32 INSTALL

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Subject: Re: Linux Mips SGI O2 R5000 IP32 INSTALL
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Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 21:19:42 +0100
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Ilya - do you have a working version of arcboot - I am unable to get any versions that I have found to install and be able to read my primary HD volume header (50meg) -

I have found the following gentoo ebuild file:

is there anyway I may use this to pull the package into my system ? - i havent managed it yet -


Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh wrote:

Well, you are not the only one ;-)
Currently you cannot use volume header for loading linux kernel due to some very strange bug. I spent two weeks chsing it, and then decided that my time is better spent elsewhere. Also, dents in my walls resulting from contact between my head and walls' surface do not look nice. For now, you should either use dhcp/bootp or arcboot. Latest version of arcboot (0.3.8.-something, afair) should work out of the box with O2. If it doesn't, let me know - I'll dig out my highly-hacked binary.


Damian Presswell wrote:

Hi Ilya -

thanks for coming back to me -

I have managed to build a root filesystem using the gentoo sources that you suggested - however -
I am unable to boot off the hardisk -
I have fdisked the first scsi disk, created a 50 meg vlhdr, where I have copied my pre-compiled vmlinux binaries - it appears to load and provide an entry point but then just hangs and goes no further - I have also added the original netboot vmlinux binary that I use to boot via tftpboot to the HD's volume header but it does the same thing - just hangs after the entry point -

I can boot the system using bootp(): and the kernel binary located in the tftpboot using root=dev/sda3 - but cannot figure why it doesnt seem to work off the volume header of the HD -

once again -

any help would be appreciated -

thanks wrote:

Use Gentoo.
Also, Glaurung's kernels are bit out-od-date. Use self-built
kernel from recent CVS. In worst case, use
one of Gentoo's kernel binaries.


On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 09:07:24PM +0100, Damian Presswell wrote:
My apologies if this is the wrong mailing list for this question -

I have recently aquired an SGI O2 ip32 R5k box that I am trying to install linux onto -

I have managed to get a binary 64bit kernel to boot vis nfs and bootp() that I downloaded from Glaurungs website:

however I am unsure as to the correct rootfs that I am suposed to use - I pulled down the redhat 7.1 rootfs from somewhere but it hangs when trying to start the 'local' service - and wont boot if this service is switched off -

I would be grateful if you could suggest where I may download a suitable rootfs and ecoff boot image that will work together on my O2 box - would hate to give in at this stage - and indeed any other help you may be able to give me as a linux mips O2 user - I will put together an updated HOWTO once I am sure exactly what I am supposed to be doing - the information and resources on this subject do seem to be a little vague -

thanks for your time




Damian Presswell

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