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Re: Lexra LX5820 documentation

To: Pete Popov <>
Subject: Re: Lexra LX5820 documentation
From: Dominic Sweetman <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 10:45:07 +0100
Cc: Jason Hecker <>,
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> > I was wondering if anyone had any documentation lying around for the 
> > Lexra LX5820?  Far from being dead it's used in Realtek's RTL8181 
> > 802.11b access point SoC.
> >
> > Any info would help a lot with this project
> >
> I still have a pdf for the 4189 but I'm not sure about the NDA status so 
> I can't give it away. I believe (could be wrong though) that MIPS Tech 
> bought Lexra's assets, so they are probably the ones that have the docs.

We did, we must: and I don't know right off how to find the manual, or
under what conditions I can give it out.  But I'll make some enquiries
and get back to you.

Dominic Sweetman
MIPS Technologies

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