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[RFC] Separate time support for using cpu timer

Subject: [RFC] Separate time support for using cpu timer
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 18:07:20 -0700
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The current arch/mips/kernel/time.c has been stretched over the time
such that it now looks like a convoluted spaghetti to me:

1) it was originally designed to be flexible so that we could support
   all imaginable timer sources and timer setups:
        . use cpu timer (count/compare pair)
        . use board timer, with cpu count and known frequency
        . use board timer, with cpu count and unknown frequency
        . use board timer, with cpu count and unknown frequency, and
          we can use 64bit division
        . jiffy interrupt through do_IRQ
        . jiffy interrupt through ll_timer_interrupt

2) introduction of 32bit SMP causes more complexity

3) the hpt_xxx stuff introduces another abstraction layer between hw
   timer (where cpu timer is treated as one kind of hw timers) and the time 


All the boards that I am really concerned right now have cpu count/compare
registers.  I believe this will even more so in the future.

Therefore I like to propose a separate time support for systems that use
cpu timer as their system timer.

As you can see from the patch, the new code is much simpler.

The hidden agenda

OK, I admit there is another motivation in all of this.  Linux is moving
to have higher resolution timer.  For example, see the introduction of high 
posix timer (  Having a MIPS 
time routine based on cpu timer makes it much easier to support
such a feature for MIPS boards.  We don't need to mess with individual board 

In addition I think in 2.7 time frame Linux needs to replace its ancient jiffy
time system with a natively higher resolution time system.  A MIPS cpu timer 
routine would evolve much better into the future.

The patch

The attached is the patch for UP case.  I will post an additional patch for SMP
case later.

The patch is currently designed to be drop-in replace for 
As you can see from the patch, you will only need to modify the Kconfig to 
CPU_TIMER for the qualified boards.



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