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Re: Work on IP30

To: Stanislaw Skowronek <sskowron@ET.PUT.Poznan.PL>
Subject: Re: Work on IP30
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 01:13:09 +0200
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On Mon, Apr 12, 2004 at 10:51:13PM +0200, Stanislaw Skowronek wrote:

> Interesting note: the ARCS console breaks when I change KSEG0 cache
> coherence in the CP0_CONFIG register (in c-r4k.c). Of course, it breaks
> sooner or later, not exactly afterwards, unless I flush cache exactly
> after changing; it breaks immediately then. I don't give a hoot, because
> IP30 has almost no RAM in KSEG0 and the kernel runs in XKPHYS, always
> cached copy-on-write. But those of you with another machines might be
> interested.

Most firmware breaks at some point due to Linux fiddling with it's
resources.  What differs is how and when it breaks.  In case of IP27 the
first TLB flush for example is going to kill ARC.

And remember, it's written ARC but pronounced ARGGHHHH ;)


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