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indy r4000FPC kernel?

Subject: indy r4000FPC kernel?
From: Joost <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 17:12:58 +0100 (CET)
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Is this the correct list to be asking about kernel trouble?
If not, i apologize for this lengthy piece of offtopic ranting :-)

  I'm trying to get a working kernel on my indy, but 2.4.16
seems to be as far as it will go. The 2.4.22 that comes with
debian testing gives an error while booting so i decided
to try and be adventurous and downloaded the 2.6 sources
via cvs. The PROM in this beast is old i gues, it won't
boot elf kernels, so i used the 'ecoff' tip on
  Going from elf to ecoff gives out a warning:
arch/mips/boot/elf2ecoff vmlinux vmlinux.ecoff
wrote 20 byte file header.
wrote 56 byte a.out header.
wrote 120 bytes of section headers.
wrote 12 byte pad.
writing 3685492 bytes...
Warning: 908 byte intersegment gap.
writing 499845 bytes...
  Is this warning about the 'intersegment gap' something I
can safely ignore?
  After booting this kernel it panics, complaining about
'unaligned instruction access in arch/mips/kernel/unaligned.c::do_ade,
line 544[#1]: cpu 0' followd by lots of yukkie numbers and a call trace:
[<883e558c>] mem_init+0x6c/0x1e4
[<883ef580>] start_kernel+0x114/0x238
[<883ef588>] start_kernel+0x17c/0x238
[<883ef30c>] unknown_bootoption+0x0/0x130
[<883ef08c>] no_smp+0x0/0x10
Kernel Panic! Attempted to kill the idle task!

  Am I doing something obvious wrong? The compiler in use is
gcc-2.95.4, the machine is an indy with r4000FPC. I'm doing
a native compile (yes, my time is cheap :-).

Thank you for your time!

I have spent most of my money on women and beer. The rest I just wasted...

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