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Re: Best kernel for a Cobalt Qube 2

To: Stéphane <>
Subject: Re: Best kernel for a Cobalt Qube 2
From: Peter Horton <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 12:49:24 +0000
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Stéphane wrote:

I'm using a Cobalt Qube 2 for a long time now, it's under a 2.4.14 kernel working 24/24 7/7 without any problem (no weird hang, no tulip problems, both internal network cards used).

It's appears that the new libc needs at least a 2.4.19 kernel, this is breaking all my debian updates. So I'll have to switch.

Do you have any advice about which kernel to use  ?

According to what I read here, 2.4.23 seems not ready and it's not clear to me if newest kernels still have problem whith the network/serial bug...

2.4.23 is running solid here, but it needs a couple of patches (one fixes a cache aliasing bug triggered by IDE in PIO mode, another fixes up Galileo so the network driver works without stalling). I'll mail the patches when I get home.

The major problem with running the later 2.4 kernels is that Cobalt boot loader kernel size restriction means you have to cut the kernel configuration down to the very minimum to get it to fit, and this is only going to get worse with 2.6. I've written a new boot loader which lifts this restriction (and some others), but it's a week or two away from completion (disk booting is complete, I'm just finisihing off network booting).


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