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Re: Linux 2.6 on AMD Alchemy Au1500

To: Pete Popov <>
Subject: Re: Linux 2.6 on AMD Alchemy Au1500
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 16:36:28 +0100
Cc: Sylvain Munaut <>, Linux/MIPS Development <>
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On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 07:22:59AM -0800, Pete Popov wrote:

> > Ok. Is it available on some CVS / www page ?
> > If we eventually choose Au1500 as platform I may be able to test it as 
> > well and bug reports.
> No yet, but I'll email it to the mailing list in the next couple of
> days. I would consider it Beta.
> Just curious, why 2.6? 2.4 is solid, everything works, provides a mature
> kernel and drivers ...?

Because in the not too far future the Linux community will largely run
away from 2.4?  In fact the motivation of many developers to continue
with 2.4 is quite down already and Marcelo is going to put 2.4 into
deep freeze after 2.4.25.


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