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Reconfiguring chip select

Subject: Reconfiguring chip select
From: Patrick Hilt <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 11:05:26 -0800
Organization: Pioneer
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Hope everybody is doing well... even though it's Monday ;-)...

I'm working on a broadcom mips platform and I'm having a little bit of trouble 
with dynamically reconfiguring a chip select register. After the boot loader 
launches the kernel, I need to reconfigure the chip select register for CS0 
from 1FC0 0009 to 1900 000B. I actually got that to work without too much 
Now the real problem, to jump back to the boot loader when "rebooting", I have 
reset the CS config register to it's original value before jumping. When I do 
that I get an oops (in init) from the kernel.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where best to place that reconfiguration 
code or how best to go about this whole business.

Thanks a lot in advance,


PS: oops message and symbol table attached...

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