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Re: Trouble compiling MIPS cross-compiler

To: Adam Nielsen <>
Subject: Re: Trouble compiling MIPS cross-compiler
From: Eric Christopher <>
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 22:56:54 -0800
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> If I copy the command line and change -mcpu to -march then it works fine, but 
> this isn't happening automatically for some reason.  Any ideas?  (I tried 
> downgrading to but it still gave the error, so I'm guessing 
> it's a gcc problem - oh how much easier life would be if they didn't remove 
> the -mcpu option somewhere along the way ;-))

Actually, I removed it :)

If you'd like the rant behind it I'll mail it privately.

Anyhow, I've been trying to push for the kernel to use either

a) -march depending on whatever cpu is specified
b) -mtune otherwise (this will generate generic code and then tune for

heck. if you do nothing you'll get mips1 code. It should really default
to mips2 (for things like, say, atomic operations), but no one has made
the change and I don't feel strongly enough since I'm using a 64-bit cpu
and n32 :)


Eric Christopher <>

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