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Re: Trouble compiling MIPS cross-compiler

To: Eric Christopher <>
Subject: Re: Trouble compiling MIPS cross-compiler
From: Adam Nielsen <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 15:10:35 +1000
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> You do? What errors? How'd you build the toolchain?

I was just following the FAQ for building a cross compiler.  
The errors were something to do with missing headers (pthread.h among others) 
so I tried configuring gcc with --disable-threads as suggested in a post 
Google found, and so far that seems to be working...except just as I wrote 
that it came up with this:

/usr/mips-linux/bin/ld: cannot open crti.o: No such file or directory

Now I see why it says on the FAQ that building a cross compiler has always 
been the hardest step - it's certainly a lot harder than you'd expect (at 
least for a cross-compiler newbie like me ;-))  I was thinking it would be a 
simple matter of compiling a few programs in a certain order and that'd be 
it, but it seems that there are huge differences between versions - the 
instructions use ecgs-1.1.2 and binutils-, but to compile linux-2.6.0 
you need newer than ecgs-1.1.2, but using gcc-3.x means upgrading to 
binutils-2.14, but then when you've done that gcc-3.x won't compile so you 
try gcc-2.95.3 instead, but that means you have to go back to 
binutils- but then gcc-2.95.3 is still too old to compile the kernel, 
so you *need* gcc-3.x but that won't compile...grrr!!! ;-)


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