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VR4131 - MQ1132 - UPD63335

Subject: VR4131 - MQ1132 - UPD63335
From: "Suresh. R" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 13:02:33 +0530
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This might be a very basic question, but I am very new to this field. So please help me.

I am writing a linux device driver for UPD63335 audio codec. Its controlled through the MQ1132 co-processor. The VR4131 is the processor. The memory of MQ1132 is mapped to the processor memory in Kseg1 (0xA000 0000 onwards) which the manual says is TLB Unmapped region. Now my question is is it necessary to map this region before using it in Linux. Actually I have WinCE code for my reference. In that code the programmer is mapping the region using Virtual Cpoy and Virtual Alloc. Is it necessary to do that or Can I directly address the memory locatoin.

Please help

Thanks in advance


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