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Re: Correct assembler/compiler options for 4KC core?

To: David Kesselring <>
Subject: Re: Correct assembler/compiler options for 4KC core?
From: Eric Christopher <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 12:25:49 -0800
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On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 09:07, David Kesselring wrote:
> If 2.95 is too old for him, where should he(and I) get the latest stable
> packages. It seems like the MIPS environment is varied and there are
> toolchains for various processors in different locations. Is the toolchain
> and binutils for 4k/5k processors on the ftp site?
> Is the correct gcc 3.2.xx? Will it build 2.4.2x that is in linux-mips cvs?
> Will it build 2.6? Will it build 64bit kernels? It would be nice if
> someone in the know could create a chart or add the info to readme or
> howto on site.

A few answers:

a) -march=4kc for mainline gcc. there's an old dfa description for that
processor (not in the codebase, but I can be convinced to make it
available - I'm not as happy with it as with others) and hey, if the
option exists might as well use it.

b) IMO for the gcc sources. for the
binutils sources. these will build 64bit kernels afaik. i've only tested
on an sb1250 and that is using the kernel sources from broadcom.


Eric Christopher <>

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