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Re: How stable is 2.6 on a SB1250 processor?

To: Jun Sun <>
Subject: Re: How stable is 2.6 on a SB1250 processor?
From: Kevin Paul Herbert <>
Date: 14 Jan 2004 11:09:21 -0800
Cc: Dimitri Torfs <>, Pete Popov <>, Linux MIPS mailing list <>
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Organization: cisco Systems, Inc.
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Thanks for the tips. I incorporated Dmitri's patches to uaccess.h and
the syscall handlers and got usermode to come up correctly.

I'm aware of the SB1250 PCI problems and will be addressing that after I
get a few more on-board peripherals working. I've got my own fairly
complex PCI subsystem to port from 2.4 (hotplug, many bridges,
hypertransport configuration) and the main thing that I need from the
core SB1250 support is the ability to generate configuration cycles.
Because of the way the hardware works, I have to program all the bridges
myself (the ROM firmware does not do this for me).

I'll be sure to send patches to the list for anything I fix in the core
SB1250 PCI support.

Thanks again for the tips,


Kevin Paul Herbert <>
cisco Systems, Inc.

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