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Re: Running Linux on an NCD HMX X-Terminal

Subject: Re: Running Linux on an NCD HMX X-Terminal
From: Adam Nielsen <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:04:23 +1000
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> I brought up linux on the PPC403 version of an NCD x-terminal.  As I recall
> I had to write program to hack the elf header to get kernels to load.
> The project is at

Hmm...this looks interesting!

> You may get lucky and find they used the same format for MIPS...

Well I am hopeful, given that they use the same manual for the HMX and the 
Explora, but running ncdhack on the kernel didn't seem to have any effect :-(

I did try some fiddling with the ELF files, just to see what would happen (but 
not having any experience with this, I was just guessing ;-))  The load 
address for the proper boot image is 0x40020000 but the kernel is 0x88002000 
which I think is partly why it doesn't work.  If I shrink the ELF file a 
little by removing a couple of the sections (by telling objcopy to ignore 
them) *and* I change the load address to 0x40020000 then the xterm actually 
downloads the image but then gives a "File corrupted CRC error" just as it 
goes to boot it.

I'm not sure why that happens, because manipulating the file properly with 
objcopy should adjust any CRC checksums accordingly.  I wonder whether the 
xterm is checking that the image is 'official'?


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