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Running Linux on an NCD HMX X-Terminal

Subject: Running Linux on an NCD HMX X-Terminal
From: Adam Nielsen <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 15:05:04 +1000
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I've got a few old NCD HMX X-Terminals and I'd like to see if I could get 
Linux running on them.  The reason I ask is that the units boot an ELF image 
over the network, and when running readelf on the image it appears than the 
terminals have an R3000 processor:

$ readelf -h Xncdhmx 
ELF Header:
  Magic:   7f 45 4c 46 01 02 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
  Class:                             ELF32
  Data:                              2's complement, big endian
  Version:                           1 (current)
  OS/ABI:                            UNIX - System V
  ABI Version:                       0
  Type:                              EXEC (Executable file)
  Machine:                           MIPS R3000
  Version:                           0x1
  Entry point address:               0x40020000
  Start of program headers:          52 (bytes into file)
  Start of section headers:          2625644 (bytes into file)
  Flags:                             0x0
  Size of this header:               52 (bytes)
  Size of program headers:           32 (bytes)
  Number of program headers:         1
  Size of section headers:           40 (bytes)
  Number of section headers:         7
  Section header string table index: 6

Does anyone know what my chances would be of getting a Linux kernel on it?  I 
found a couple of precompiled MIPS kernel images (one was ELF32 but the other 
was ELF64), however when I tried to boot them the terminal simply said "Load 
address out of range" and aborted.  I was using the precompiled images 
because I really want to know whether it'll work before I go to the trouble 
of installing all the cross-compilation tools.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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