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Re: gdbserver and Re: hardware questions

Subject: Re: gdbserver and Re: hardware questions
From: "Mark and Janice Juszczec" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 16:27:32 +0000
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Daniel et al

Try changing /etc/inittab to disable the getty, and starting gdbserver
from the system startup scripts in /etc/rc*.

I'm using busybox since, at the time, it was easier than figuring out what goes on in /etc/rc* I'll check if there's a way to disable the busybox init or at least tell it not to start a shell on the serial port. I suppose I could hack busybox to start gdbserver. Hmmmmm

I'm assuming you have
some other way than that shell on ttyS0 to modify the filesystem :)

Yes. I flash a filesystem image to the pda. I generate the image from files on my laptop. The problem is squeezing everything into 2mb of flash. I wonder if I can shove stuff in the 8Mb of ram somehow.


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