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Re: hardware questions

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Subject: Re: hardware questions
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Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 12:39:02 +0100
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As Geert pointed out, the big-endian SGI hardware configuration
and the little-endian PDA configuration mean that you'll be cross-compiling
for "mipsel" (MIPS endian-little) on the Indigo anyway.  SGI did
use industry-standard monitors, keyboards, and disks units of the
period (which was 10 years ago - they could be hard to find today), 
but used non-standard NIC and memory cards. You're probably better 
off using a Linux PC as your development host.

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Subject: hardware questions

> Hi folks
> I'm the guy with the Helio pda running an r3912 chip.  In an effort to 
> create a better development environment, I'm thinking about puchasing a 
> Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo Workstation.
> But, I'm unfamiliar with MIPS hardware.
> First of all, will code developed on this machine run on the r3912 chip?  
> The r3912 is little endian mips, 16 bit I think but maybe 32 bit.
> Can off the shelf monitors, keyboards, hard drives, NICs and memory be 
> installed in this system?
> Mark
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