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AutoNegotiation could not complete in PB1500 platform

To: "linux-mips" <>
Subject: AutoNegotiation could not complete in PB1500 platform
From: "He Jin" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 11:36:59 +0800
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Hi, Dear all,

I'm porting my own firmware code to PB1500, however some troubles ocurred with 
the Au1x NIC and LSI PHY. The dump of PHY register (the NIC initialization code 
is borrowed from the driver inside YAMON) is as follow:

 MII status: Link is up
 1th 0x3000
 2th 0x7809                     => should be 0x7829
 3th 0x16
 4th 0xf840
 5th 0x1e1
 6th 0x 0                       => should be 0x45e1
17th 0x22
18th 0xffc0

It shows the MII interface couldn't finish the AutoNegotiation process. The 
values I think right is the output of some small probe programs using YAMON to 
boot the board and running those small probe programs . Besides, the LED in NIC 
interface could flash normally and we observed the LSI PHY chips should have 
been reset sucessfully in our firmware code using oscillograph device to probe 
the 'reset' pin in the PHY chips. 

If I use YAMON, everything OK. Could somebody tell me why ? 

Thanks a lot !

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