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Re: [PATCH] au1k_ir - fix for 2.6

To: Stephen Hemminger <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] au1k_ir - fix for 2.6
From: Jean Tourrilhes <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 16:22:14 -0800
Address: HP Labs, 1U-17, 1501 Page Mill road, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.
Cc: Jeff Garzik <>, Ralf Baechle <>,,
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Organisation: HP Labs Palo Alto
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On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 03:54:40PM -0800, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> This fixes some of the issues with the Alchemy irda driver for MIPS on
> 2.6.0-test11.  Tested with cross compile.  This driver is probably obsolete
> but it is one of the two remaining users of dev_alloc
> Changes:
>       * irqreturn_t for irq routine
>       * alloc_irdadev instead of dev_alloc
>       * should work as non module
> Some mips build notes:
>       * no way to enable the device at present since drivers/net/irda/Kconfig
>         expects MIPS_A1000 and arch/mips/Kconfig defines SOC_AU1000!
>       * include/asm-mips/timex.h does not define CLOCK_TICK_RATE for this
>         that type.  Code should probably be:
> #ifdef CONFIG_SGI_IP22
> #define CLOCK_TICK_RATE               1000000
> #else
> #define CLOCK_TICK_RATE               1193182
> #endif

        I don't have the hardware and I'm not familiar with MIPS, so
if the authors doesn't answer, we will merge your patch as is.


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