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Re: Kernel 2.4.23 on Cobalt Qube2

Subject: Re: Kernel 2.4.23 on Cobalt Qube2
From: Kumba <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 12:17:41 -0500
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Peter Horton wrote:


Has anyone got a 2.4.23 kernel running on the Cobalt Qube 2 ?

I've cross compiled the latest kernel from CVS (using the default Cobalt config in the tree) on a PC using gcc 2.95.4 and binutils (both from Debian sources).

The kernel boots okay from the HD, but I get strange segmentation faults and other errors whilst running Debian's "dpkg" to install packages. If I repeat the installation from scratch I get exactly the same errors in exactly the same places :-(

I've changed both the memory SIMMs for new ones and the problem is still the same. I've done the same Debian install on an Au1100 board with no problems at all.

Neither of the on-board ethernet ports work correctly with new kernel either. The primary port seems to work fine pinging single packets back and forth, but seems to stall for periods of approx 20 seconds when performing bulk transfers. I've been using an RTL8139 card in the PCI slot for network access.



I've got a RaQ2 with which I tinker with every so often. I recently tried one of the 2.4.23 rc* kernels, and gave up after the network issues stung me. It's surprising you get ~20sec stalls with the onboard tulip driver. On my RaQ2, I get a virtual freeze, with very small amounts of data slowly leaking in at about I dunno, 5 bits per sec. What triggers it, I'm not sure of.

My current theory is the problem is either in the tulip driver, or the network system that only surfaces with cobalt machines. But beyond that, I haven't managed to further isolate the problem. Other than that annoying network issue, the kernel seems to run fine for me, aside from having to strip virtually everything out to make the kernel's size just right.


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