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Re: root login

Subject: Re: root login
From: Joerg Ritter <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:12:58 +0200
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You have probably enabled secure tty.
Please check /etc/securetty and add /dev/ttys0 or /dev/tts/0 (for devfs).


Tiemo Krueger - mycable GmbH schrieb:
Hmm, I remember that we had once a similar problem, but I can't remember the reason nor the solution. It appeared that we where not able to login as root, but user login was possible.
Logged in as user I was allowed to 'su' to root.
Perhaps this may be a hint, perhaps not, perhaps Bruno remembers the solution???


David Kesselring wrote:

I apologize for the many recent questions but I have another trivia
question for all of you. :-)
I have installed the RH7.3 miniport to a harddrive connected to a MIPS
Malta board. The kernel the comes with the port (2.4.18) works fine. I
then took the cvs code (2.4.22) for mips and built it for malta. The first
few builds worked ok (which means I could logon as root). Then I changed
something in the build process so that now the kernels which I build won't
allow me to logon as root. I've changed /etc/passwd to eliminate the root
pw. Does anyone know how a kernel can affect the login like this?

David Kesselring
Atmel MMC

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