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Re: module dependency files

Subject: Re: module dependency files
From: Colin.Helliwell@Zarlink.Com
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:14:18 +0100
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You'd need to do a MIPS cross-compile of modutils, I guess. As an
alternative there is a perl script ( out there that can handle
'foreign' binaries. I haven't had cause to use it on MIPS yet, but have
used it ok PPC. I think it comes with the busybox package.


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On Tue, 2003-10-21 18:15:56 -0400, David Kesselring
wrote in message
> That's what I did. I defined INSTALL_MOD_PATH as $(TOPDIR)/modules. The
> modules get put there but depmod fails.

depmod works on it's own architecture and I don't recall a way that
would make it work on cross-compiled modules. Maybe you should just copy
over the modules (INSTALL_MOD_PATH is a good start here) and execute
depmod on the target system...

Apart from that, insmod (instead of modprobe) should always work,


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