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Can't boot RedHat 7.3 Linux on Mips Malta

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Subject: Can't boot RedHat 7.3 Linux on Mips Malta
From: "Gil Lauer" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 13:51:02 -0700
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Organization: Green Hills Software
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I am new to Linux and a new subscriber to linux-mips.


I downloaded the RedHat Linux distribution that MIPS Technology posts at and I cannot get through the installation process.  I can load and run the pre-built installation kernel, but when it tries to load the prebuilt Linux image via NFS I get the following error:


Welcome to the MIPS installation of RedHat RPMS.


Install method (CD-ROM, NFS) [CD-ROM] NFS


IP-address of target system: []

SIOCSIFADDR: No such device

eth0: unknown interface: No such device


Since I have successfully loaded and run the prebuilt Linux installation image via Yamon, I know that the network connection is working.  Since this image is built to run on the Malta board, it is odd that it can’t find the built-in ethernet connection.


I have attached a complete log of the console output.  Any pointers on where I am going wrong would be welcome.


Gil Lauer


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