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Possible Missing include in arch/mips/kernel/

Subject: Possible Missing include in arch/mips/kernel/
From: "Noah J. Misch" <>
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 12:46:44 -0700 (PDT)
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Executive summary: File in subject line may need #include <linux/config.h>

I just wrote a new version of scripts/, the script that runs
when you call 'make configcheck' in a linux source tree.  This script is
supposed to find files that need to include linux/config.h but do not
include it, and vice-versa.  I found only one file in the 2.6.0-test6 tree
that needs config.h and does not include it[1]:


This file uses CONFIG_BOOT_ELF64, CONFIG_MIPS32, and CONFIG_MIPS64, but
neither it nor the one file it includes, asm-generic/,
include linux/config.h.  This is true both in the linux-2.6.0-test6
version, and also in the linux-mips CVS tree as of 3:00 PM 10/7/2003.

I don't use linux-mips myself, so I haven't verified this issue with a
real toolchain.  It seems pretty clear-cut, but if I'm mistaken, would one
of you send me arch/mips/kernel/ from the tree of a
built kernel so I can fix my methodology? :)

[1] That is, in a way that would cause bugs right now.  Many, many files
need config.h but include it only indirectly, and many files need config.h
but never compile standalone.  I found only one file that does not fall
into either category.

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