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Re: Page fault question

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Subject: Re: Page fault question
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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 12:05:31 +0200
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The EMMA2 (uPD61130) uses the NEC Vr4130 core, wheras the EMMA2L (uPD61120)
uses a MIPS 4Kc core.  The 4Kc is a MIPS32-compliant core, but the Vr41xx family
predates the MIPS32 spec for the MMU interface, and has some significant incompatibilities,
mostly due to the fact that the Vr4100's assume a 1K page granularity, versus 4K for the 4Kc
and almost all other MIPS processors.  You can't use the same MMU code for both chips.
One kernel needs to be configured for a "MIPS32" CPU, the other for "R41xx".
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From: Gill
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Subject: Page fault question

Hello ?


I?m currently porting vmlinux from NEC?s EMMA2L platform to EMMA2.  The problem I?m having is that linux hangs when it attempts to do its first page fault: the page fault handler is successfully called, the call to handle_mm_fault returns 2 (major fault)?but then code execution appears to just stop.  Linux is not completely dead, however ? it still responds to a timer interrupt.


As the code for handling page faults is standard code, and TLB hardware should be the same on EMMA2 as on EMMA2L (where it works!), I don?t understand what?s gone wrong!  Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks for your help,




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