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RE: How disable CONFIG_PCI

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Subject: RE: How disable CONFIG_PCI
From: "Liu Hongming (Alan)" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 18:12:01 +0800
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In arch/mips/, find the specific line relating to your CSB250(what is it???):

 define_bool CONFIG_PCI y

just delete it.


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Subject: How disable CONFIG_PCI

Hi all,
I'm compiling Linux-2.4.21 kernel for CSB250 board downloaded from mips-linux,
I've configured CONFIG_PCI n , but when i go for xconfig, the value to CONFIG_PCI y
where it's getting over write ?
Because of CONFIG_PCI y, I'm unable to get my Framebuffer device active
How to solve this problem...

Thanks in advence
Prabhakar Kalasani

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