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It is ok on linux ,but not ok on mips_linux as my expection!

To: Fuxin Zhang <>
Subject: It is ok on linux ,but not ok on mips_linux as my expection!
From: "Guangxing Zhang" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:31:24 +0800
Cc: <>
Original-recipient: rfc822;

            Inspired by your advice , I have changed the method of preventing 
the module 
from being unloaded while "intrpt_routine" is still in the task queue.Now it 
can freely 
"insmod" and "rmmod" in my linux(2.4.18-3,not on mips) at  any time.But 
When I port it to mips_linux, it get some errors as you can see in my mail to . It confuses me .Why? And what should I MUST pay 
attention to
or what should I MUST learn if I I want to implement schedualing a function to 
be called
on every timer interrupt.

        Thank you again and eagering your enthusiastic again! 

======= 2003-09-16 13:17:00 WROTE:=======

>Guangxing Zhang wrote:
>>Hi, Fuxin Zhang
>>>for any warnings. BTW, I don't the method you used to cleanup is safe,
>>>there maybe a task queued but not executed at the time you 
>>>'rmmod',doesn't it?
>>Yes ,in , it mentions the 
>>situation as you said.And just to overcoming it ,it use the sleep_on().But as 
>>see, now it can not "rmmod" correctly and my linux will broke.
>>As a newbie to kernel module ,I am not sure why and not know how to scheduale 
>>function to be called on every timer interrupt or every seconds in kernle 
>>Eagering your help!
>Most ethernet adapter driver(e.g. drivers/net/eepro100.c) use timer,you 
>can check them for examples.
>Have you check the sleep_on and wakeup routine's argument type? They 
>should be wait_queue_head_t *
>for recent kernels?

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        Guangxing Zhang

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