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Re: unresolved symbol dptoli

To: durai <>
Subject: Re: unresolved symbol dptoli
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 16:06:08 +0200
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On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 11:33:07AM +0530, durai wrote:

> i compiled a wireless lan driver using the mips-linux-gcc compiler 2.95.3.
> When i try to insmod the driver i got the following errors. any ideas?
> insmod: unresolved symbol dptoli
> insmod: unresolved symbol dpmul
> insmod: unresolved symbol litodp
> Note that, i havent used any of these above functions in my code. It appears
> only in the .o files

These are symbols used by gcc's software fp code.  Don't use floating
point in kernel code.


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