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Invitation to the 8th Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting

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Subject: Invitation to the 8th Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting
From: Martin Schulze <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 19:13:23 +0200
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Hello everybody,

as always, it has taken quite some time to get the required
confirmation from our University that we can hold the Oldenburg Linux
Developers Meeting again.

       Invitation to the 8th Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting

A short overview:

What:  Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting 2003 #8
Who:   Every developer interested in Linux on non-i386 platforms
       Every developer interested in developing the debian-installer
When:  September, 25th to 28th (Thursday noon to Sunday afternoon)
Where: University of Oldenburg, science building in Oldenburg Wechloy,
       northern Germany (roughly west of Bremen)

The meeting is organised by ffis e.V.  Its goal is to provide
developers a means to work in common on the non-i386 Linux ports and
related topics and to further the exchange of ideas and discussion
about the several ports.  This year there will also be a group of
people who will work on the new installer system for Debian.  So one
of the targets is to get a working debian-installer running on all
platforms supported by Debian GNU/Linux.

If you have not attended any previous meeting, you might like to take a 
look at the meetings' website at <>.
There are links to pictures from former meetings as well.

Attendance is free of cost including food and beverage in the working
rooms (although we are always thankful for donations).  We will have
dinner in some restaurants in Oldenburg (not yet decided which ones, though) if 

You don't have to attend from Thursday.  This is just an offer for
those of you who would like to and who can afford to come early.  If
you can't make it that early, simply join when you can afford it.

We will use several rooms, one for hacking on Linux, one for hacking
on the debian-installer, and the others for sleeping.  

Please bring a sleeping bag, camping mat or cot, towels, shower stuff,
clothes and so on with you.  There is a sports building of the
univesity next to the one we stay in, which has showers we can use.

Besides this, of course you need to bring all the technical stuff with
you: computers, monitors, technical documentation, network cabling,
multiple-power-sockets for your systems and hubs or switches.  The
computing center of the university kindly provides us with network
connectivity to the main rooms, but we need to build the LAN within
the room ourselves.

A description on how to get to the science building in Oldenburg Wechloy
is available at <>.

If you would like to attend the meeting, please send back the following 
form, so that we can calculate space, power and food.

Name ................:

Date of arrival .....: ( ) Thursday, Sept. 25th
                       ( ) Friday, Sept. 26th
                       ( ) Saturday, Sept. 27th 

Date of departure ...: ( ) Friday, Sept. 26th
                       ( ) Saturday, Sept. 27th
                       ( ) Sunday, Sept. 28th

Name may be listed on the website: [ ] yes
                                   [ ] no

Special requirements for food:

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.



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