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configuring edge or level triggered interrupt..?

Subject: configuring edge or level triggered interrupt..?
From: "ashish anand" <>
Date: 4 Sep 2003 12:52:58 -0000
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Reply-to: "ashish anand" <>
I have a problem of interfacing an ISDN SLAC device which raise
interrupts as edge triggered only .

while board is configured for Level triggered interrupts.
ocassionally i get spurious interrupts as edge is lost.
I tried to got a new edge by writing FFh in mask register and again
restoring oldmask but somehow it didn't help.

my question is that how I can configure edge triggered interrupt on my
linux host side on mips Lexra architecture...
I see no mention of that on my mips linux source tree..while on other architectures say PPC I used to explicitly configure the lines of interrupt controller as edge or level triggered and active high or low polarity .

Best Regards,
Ashish Anand

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