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Re: RM7k cache_flush_sigtramp

To: Adam Kiepul <>
Subject: Re: RM7k cache_flush_sigtramp
From: Fuxin Zhang <>
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 11:38:28 +0800
Cc: Ralf Baechle <>, MAKE FUN PRANK CALLS <>
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Hi Adam,
My cpu PRID: 0x2732, runs at freq 133x2MHz

disassemble code before patch:

ffffffff8010f2fc <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp>:
ffffffff8010f2fc:       3c03802c        lui     v1,0x802c
ffffffff8010f300:       246367ec        addiu   v1,v1,26604
ffffffff8010f304:       94620010        lhu     v0,16(v1)
ffffffff8010f308:       94650000        lhu     a1,0(v1)
ffffffff8010f30c:       00021023        negu    v0,v0
ffffffff8010f310:       00821024        and     v0,a0,v0
ffffffff8010f314:       bc550000        cache   0x15,0(v0)
ffffffff8010f318:       00052823        negu    a1,a1
ffffffff8010f31c:       00852024        and     a0,a0,a1
ffffffff8010f320:       bc900000        cache   0x10,0(a0)
ffffffff8010f324:       03e00008        jr      ra
ffffffff8010f328:       00000000        nop

disassemble code after patch:
ffffffff8010ceb0 <r4k_flush_cache_sigtramp>:
ffffffff8010ceb0:       3c03802f        lui     v1,0x802f
ffffffff8010ceb4:       2463e3ac        addiu   v1,v1,-7252
ffffffff8010ceb8:       94620010        lhu     v0,16(v1)
ffffffff8010cebc:       94650000        lhu     a1,0(v1)
ffffffff8010cec0:       00021023        negu    v0,v0
ffffffff8010cec4:       00821024        and     v0,a0,v0
ffffffff8010cec8:       bc550000        cache   0x15,0(v0)
ffffffff8010cecc:       0000000f        sync
ffffffff8010ced0:       00052823        negu    a1,a1
ffffffff8010ced4:       00852024        and     a0,a0,a1
ffffffff8010ced8:       bc900000        cache   0x10,0(a0)
ffffffff8010cedc:       03e00008        jr      ra
ffffffff8010cee0:       00000000        nop

We do have more than one set of ev64240 and RM7k cpu£¨but it will take some time for
me to get another one for test. I will tell you the result once i do it.

Thank you.

Adam Kiepul wrote:

Hi Fuxin,

Could you please provide me with the _original_ Kernel code disassembly snippet 
around the point where your SYNC patch applies?
Also, can you check what RM7000 part revision is on your board? You can find it 
out by reading the PrID register.

I will check if there is an erratum that the code could trigger.

By the way, are you aware of any other ev64240 board that would exhibit the 
same behavior?

I would be quite careful drawing any conclusions at the moment since we can not preclude 
the possibility that it is simply a "bad CPU on the board" case. Please note 
that the SYNC instruction changes a lot in the manner things physically happen in the CPU 
so it can often mask off various problems, such as a bad part.

Thank you,


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From: Fuxin Zhang []
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 9:59 PM
To: Ralf Baechle
Subject: Re: RM7k cache_flush_sigtramp

I am using a slightly modified 2.4.21-pre4,based on cvs of early this month(?).
We have merged with latest cvs, I will run it and report the result tonight.

Ralf Baechle wrote:


On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 08:40:14AM +0800, Fuxin Zhang wrote:

Current linux code does exactly this. But I was seeing all kinds of faults occuring around the sigreturn point on the stack without a sync? And a sync does greatly improve the stablity.

The ordering does matter however since the Hit_Invalidate_I makes sure the write buffer is flushed.
could there be an errata explaining Fuxin's findings?

Fuxin, what version are you running?


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