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cvs update 2_4 branch breaks userland

To: "'Brian Murphy'" <>, <>
Subject: cvs update 2_4 branch breaks userland
From: (Steven Seeger)
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 15:40:23 -0700
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My board runs userland apps that makes use of SIGUSR1. When I did a cvs
update today and recompiled the kernel, when I run my app it quits with
"User defined signal 1" and bails. The signal is delivered a pthread_kill
command. The app runs about 8 or 9 threads all blocking on various IO with
various priority levels. I boot the old kernel back up and it runs fine.

Board is running an NECVR4181
Toolchain is a uclibc something.19 (building 20 now) with gcc 3.3 and the
latest binutils

I have the 2.4.21 kernel and I did a cvs update on it today.

If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate knowing.



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