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gdbserver on mips

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Subject: gdbserver on mips
From: "Rahul Pande" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2003 19:13:14 +0530
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Thread-topic: gdbserver on mips
 I am working on a AMD Au1500 based board and want some information. I am using the Linux 2.4.21pre. The problem happens when i run an application under "gdbserver" on the board, it does not allow me to single step into functions/code. The following error is displayed :
                "ptrace : Input/Output error".
The  "ptrace.c" file under arch/mips/kernel/ does not have support for PTRACE_SINGLESTEP because of which the above error is occuring. I would like to know why single stepping support is not there for mips architecture under linux, whereas it is there for others like i386, alpha, arm etc ?
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