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migrating from vxworks to linux...

Subject: migrating from vxworks to linux...
From: "Ashish anand" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 11:58:19 +0530
Original-recipient: rfc822;

After my firmware+bsp for linux on mips based L2/L3/L4 switch is over , I
have the requirements for porting huge swithching software in linux.

we have decided to go for switching implementation inside kernel space
using kernel_threads .
for this I though of porting application from vxworks to linux without
changing the architect and core design of application.

my linux version is 2.3.99-pre8.
I realised these application are using posix IPC facilities in vxworks
while I can't use any of them inside linux kernel space using kernel
examplesake i can use raw semaphore opeartions (up/down) but not like 
SEM_Q_FIFO / SEM_Q_PRIORITY without cosiderable kernel code change.

does this situation demands that my application design has to be changed..
or should I go ahead with writing wrappers for everything seems
unimplemented at kernel level..?

Best Regards,
Ashsih Anand

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