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Booting Kernel on RM200

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Subject: Booting Kernel on RM200
From: Michael Gruetzner <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 00:40:09 +0200
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I've still got some trouble booting the kernel on my RM200. This is what i did: I've downloaded milo and the precompiled kernel image from Then I burned milo and vmlinux on a cdr. When I start milo on the RM200 everything looks fine but milo doesn't load the image from cd. So I copied vmlinux onto a floppy. Now milo is able to find the image an it seems to load the kernel. After a few minutes(yes it takes that long) milo says: "Booting the kernel..." but nothing happens. I also tried a kernel that I've crosscompiled on my box but then milo says "Not a mips kernel" (because it was compiled as mipsel-linux - what seems to be the right because with ARC firmware the RM200 is little endian). So could you please give me some advice how I can boot a linux kernel on such a box.

Thank you very much in advance.


printk("CPU[%d]: Sending penguins to jail...",smp_processor_id());
 [... 20 lines ...]
printk("CPU[%d]: Giving pardon to imprisoned penguins\n", smp_processor_id());
        2.4.8 arch/sparc64/kernel/smp.c

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