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ASID query : 2.4.20

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Subject: ASID query : 2.4.20
From: "Ranjan Parthasarathy" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:58:41 -0700
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Thread-topic: ASID query : 2.4.20
I am seeing an issue with the way the current ASID circulation is implemented. 
The processor I am working on has the global bit implemented in the entryhi 
instead of the lo0 and lo1 registers.

Entry hi

31:13 : VPN2
12:7   : Reserved
6       : Global Bit
5:0    :  ASID

The ASID_MASK is 0x3f and ASID_FIRST_VERSION becomes 0x40 which seems to be 
written to the entryhi if we use the current code. On most processors the bits 
after the ASID upto the VPN/VPN2 bits seem to be reserved,RO, writes are 
ignored and so things do not break. In our case this does not work as 
ASID_FIRST_VERSION would enable the global bit when we launch the first process.

The code in asm-mips/mmu_context.h should use

instead of 

in functions switch_mm,activate_mm,drop_mmu_context.

Any comments, feedback is most welcome.



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