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Sony WebTV Nevada rm5230-167q

Subject: Sony WebTV Nevada rm5230-167q
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 02:23:27 -0700 (PDT)
Importance: Normal
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If your serious, here is some feedback on spelling grammer.
do a grep diff on these lines
You can find much help on this if you are not very comfortable.
Most of the stuff is being moved
may leave bugs there for quite a long time
 and the machine used to
Kgdb can be enormously helpful for your development. Definitely recommended.
I can start at chapter two tomorrow if you really want the practice.

My needs:
Sony WebTV Nevada rm5230-167q
What kind of work would it require to bootstrap the kernel from Sony WebTV
Pro Model INT-W200, 167MHz, the modem is a 56K flex, 8megs of RAM, a IDE
Seagate 1.1 GB hardrive and there is a cable/TV tuner. This unit has a
WebTV Port (SCSI?). The drives partitions are not recognized by fdisk. The
keyboard is IRDA, no external ps2 port but solder connections to put one
in. Should I try to read the bootsector hexdata? Could we burn a new ROM?
How would I do a ROM dump? QED Quantum website inst avaliable, are there
docs and specs?
This should be fun...

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