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RE: wired tlb entry?

To: "Pete Popov" <>
Subject: RE: wired tlb entry?
From: "Joseph Chiu" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 11:12:36 -0700
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(Sorry for the double-send of the original inquiry to the list -- I actually
got bounce notices from my mailer...)

This is the kernel from almost a year ago with the changes you made to
support the 36-bit phys addr. access on the Au1xxx.
The Au1x00 PCMCIA (CS release 3.1.22) initialization maps phys_mem f80000000
to virt_io c0000000.

I am running HostAP (0.0.3) on top of this PCMCIA support, using a
Prism3-based WiFi card.

During transmit/receive activity, the hardware interrupt invokes the
prism2_interrupt() in hostap_cs.o which, in turn reads and writes from
registers using the virtual i/o address of c0000000.

Under light and moderate loading, there are no problems.  After heavy
traffic loads, the system eventually dies with accesses to address c000xxxx
(one address gets hit 95% of the time - and there were other addresses a few
other times, but always in the c000xxxx address range).


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To: Joseph Chiu
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Subject: Re: wired tlb entry?

On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 17:36, Joseph Chiu wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a (proper) way to add a page entry in the TLB it's always valid?
> Specifically, accesses to memory-mapped hardware (PCMCIA) causes the
> to oops under heavy interrupt loading.
> It seems to me that the page entry in the TLB is getting flushed out under
> the activity; and when the ioremap'd memory region is accesses, the
> exception handling for the missing translation does not run.
> I'm afraid my two days of googling hasn't turned up the right information.
> I think I just don't know the right terminology and I hope someone can at
> least point me in the right direction.
> Thanks.
> Joseph
> (I am running 2.4.18-mips)

So is this a kernel from  Are you using the 36 bit I/O
patch in that kernel, or the pseudo-address translation hack that I
removed later? What pcmcia I/O card are you using and what tests are you


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