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Linux on Octane IP30 (was Re: Linux on Indigo2 (IP28) - R10000)

Subject: Linux on Octane IP30 (was Re: Linux on Indigo2 (IP28) - R10000)
From: Martin Leopold <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 00:21:46 +0200
Cc: Keith M Wesolowski <>
Original-recipient: rfc822;

On 2003.06.10 22:21 Keith M Wesolowski wrote:
> And Keith Wesolowsky is even working on it. Only problem is complete
> absence of documentation.
Well, for values of "working" that involve reading headers and
pondering, yeah.  We have the memory map from the irix headers;
otherwise as Ralf points out it should have been called Origin 100.

Which only contributes to my confusion, I have no clue how these machines compare.

Getting a serial-only port going should not be terribly hard.  The
problem, as always, is finding time to work on these things.  Any of
you who are students will probably get to this long before we working
stiffs do, so have at it...

Not that I'm claiming in any way to have the skills nor the time: what are the issues involved?

I stumbled uppun some documentation on Andrew Clausen working on supporting Origin 200 earlier this year. He wrote a small howto on some of the quirks involved in shoving a Linux kernel onto one of those beasts.

He has some utils and some info on getting it running, what is your take? Will this get my anywhere near having a running Linux on my Ocane? Or do I have to start kernel-hacking before that will happen =]?

Regards Martin Leopold.
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

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