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DBAu1500 board flash downloading

Subject: DBAu1500 board flash downloading
From: <>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 00:29:57 +0400
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First Name: Serguei
Last Name: Soloviev
Company: Category: DBAu1500 board question

Dear sirs. Few days ago I started the work with DBAu1500 but unfortunatly among included software toolchain I didn't find any utility to download startup code into clean flash.

Does anybody have any flash programming utility wich probably works via EJTAG to download code to DBAu-flash or if I have absolutely clean or bad written flash due to uncleanly interrupted programming process for example due to power fail I need to insert it to the programmer to download boot software? I can not belive that there is no any simple utility working via LPT-port to do this. Pls. help me find such utility and a primitive sheme with one HC244 and few resistors how to solder an adapter from LPT to JTAG.

 Thank u in advance.

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