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Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board -Eureka!!!

Subject: Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board -Eureka!!!
From: "Michael Anburaj" <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 15:36:53 -0700
Original-recipient: rfc822;
Hi All,

Thanks a lot guys.

At last I am able to login as root & work on the linux console.

I had to change the baud rate to 38400. Because Linux was opening the serial port at 38400 bauds (understood it by going through the init scripts at /etc).


From: "Michael Anburaj" <>
Subject: Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 00:31:07 -0700


MIPS_RedHat7.1_Release-02.00.tar from

Thats not the right one. The right file for NFS root for mips is the one (nfsroot.mips.redhat7.1.eb-01.00.tar.gz) at

I extracted it to my /export/... folder & Linux booted well on the Atlas board.

1. I could see some interactive configuration menus with buttons <'OK' , 'Cancel' surrounded with a couple of dots>. As I press the tab key to navigate to a button, nothing gets highlighted or there isnt a means to know a particlar button got selected. Is there a special config in minicom to view these better? I even tried the First char of the string to enble it <like 'O' for "OK" button & 'C' for Cancel button & 'N' for Next button>, but did not work. Please let me know a better way for this.

2. I got this message at last & nothing seems to happen after which <But I see a lot of ethernet activity between the Atlas & the host>.

clipping of the messages from linux as seen on minicom:
Starting keytable: Loading keymap: /etc/rc3.d/S17keytable: /dev/tty0: No such e[FAILED]
Loading system font: [  OK  ]
Initializing random number generator:  [  OK  ]
Mounting other filesystems:  [  OK  ]
Starting automounter:[  OK  ]
Starting atd: [  OK  ]
Starting xinetd: [  OK  ]
Starting NFS file locking services:
Starting NFS lockd: lockdsvc: Function not implemented
Starting NFS statd: [  OK  ]
Starting postfix: [  OK  ]
Starting crond: [  OK  ]
Starting anacron: [  OK  ]
.?...?..??..?.?..??..?..??.??.? ??? ?.? ?. ? ?????. ?? ? ? ??? ? .? . ?

3. Did I miss some key configs during the 1st time setup menus? If so, How to revisite the linux config menus?

Please advice me. Also point me to relevant documentation. Mean while let me search for one...


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