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Branch relocation fixing at Kernel-compiling with Debian-toolchain

Subject: Branch relocation fixing at Kernel-compiling with Debian-toolchain
From: Achim Hensel <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 12:31:44 +0200
Original-recipient: rfc822;
Hello, folks 

[I try to build Linux for a R4k Indigo1. I'm using as and ld of the
debian-toolchain with mips-linux-as/mips-linux-ld
20030121. At the moment, the kernel just compiles, but is not bootable
due to further adaption.]

As I'm not much into MIPS or gas assembler (most experience with 6502),
I would like to have some hints how to work around some kernel-compiling

When compiling the kernel from the CVS-MAIN branch,
compiling stopped, as expected at the two assembler files 
entry.S and scall_o32.S in linux/arch/mips/kernel/ (both recent
versions) with a BFD-RELOC_16_PCREL_S2. 

The fix of combining global/local label, mentioned in
and other places, got me around the problem. Not every branch needed the
fix. Just one error remains:

In entry.S rev 1.49, around line 63, the branch target label
resume_kernel is defined by either a line statement
(ENTRY(resume_kernel), l.79) or a #definition from an other label (l.
52), depending on some #Config-options.

As work around I hardwired the branch label to one of them.

Any hints to adapt the fix to this problem? 
Diff/Patch for the rest will be posted if requested.

[Now working on with ELF2ECOFF converting]


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