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Where to get base system for initializing?

To: <>
Subject: Where to get base system for initializing?
From: "Zhang Fei" <>
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 16:47:34 +0800
Organization: CNIC,CAS of CHINA
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hi all,
   Now, I can boot my SGI-O2(R5000,IP32)box by downloading "vmlinux" kernel 
through filebootp/dhcp,
It displayed some messages of booting,but stopped at init base system by 
NFS,because I haven't put any base system files in the NFS root directory.
   I googled through all the websites I can,but got nothing I need.  
   Where can I get the proper base system for NFS boot? 

   Thanks for any help in advance :-P



Zhang Fei
R&D Division
Computer Network Information Center
Chinese Acdamy of Science
Beijing , China
Zip code:100080

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