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Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board

Subject: Re: Linux for MIPS Atlas 4Kc board
From: "Michael Anburaj" <>
Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 08:56:01 -0700
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"init" is another thing. Your NFS root should include a /sbin/init or
or /etc/init or /bin/init or /bin/sh. If none of those exists, you

For setting up the NFS, I did the following:
1. exported the /export/RedHat7.1
2. downloaded MIPS_RedHat7.1_Release-02.00.tar from

this tar file has the following:

linux\installation\RedHat7.1\RPMS\mips\ <contains a lot of rpms>
linux\installation\RedHat7.1\RPMS\mipsel\ <contains a lot of rpms>
linux\installation\RedHat7.1\RPMS\noarch\ <contains a lot of rpms>
linux\installation\RedHat7.1\install\ <contains a Makefile, install.list, install.script>
linux\installation\RedHat7.1\install\root\etc\ <contains inittab, securetty>
linux\installation\RedHat7.1\install\root\etc\sysconfig\ <contains network>
linux\installation\RedHat7.1\install\root\etc\xinetd.d\ <contains telnet, rlogin, rsh,rexec, hosts>

& some more files.

Now tell me what should be extracted to my NFS export /export/RedHat7.1 (along with their relative path info.).

Also let me know what path to be passed on to the kernel as parameter to nfsroot=
Is it simply /export/Redhat7.1?

Another question: I don't see a init file in the tar. or is inittab similar? Is this "MIPS_RedHat7.1_Release-02.00.tar" tar file the right file & the only file that is needed for now; that has the right stuff in it? Or do I need to get the right file from a different tar file?


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